Threading ~ Waxing ~ Facials ~ Henna~
  • Does not peel off a layer of skin.
  • Hair does not grow back as fast.
  • Skin does not get as red and irritated.
  • Can pull out specific individual hair.
  • Hair does not need to be long, but just above the skin.
  • Will not produce more hair of make hair stronger.
  • Will pick up the finest hair from the surface leaving skin.
Threading is an inexpensive and an ancient eastern hair removal technique that uses only 100% cotton thread to shape the eyebrows with clean and defining create clean lines with precision and refine the quality as well as the appearance of the face.

How is it done?
The procedure utilizes a length of thread,which is twisted back and forth along the hairs, which are to be removed.The twisting action of the thread traps the hair and lifts it out of the follicle.

How long does it last?
Regrowth can be anywhere between 2-8 weeks .Hair growth is finer and with repeated threading hair becomes sparser.Unlike waxing where body hair has to grow long enough to get waxed again with threading has not need to be long, but just above the skin. This blend is not only an antiseptic, but also calms the skin. Hair regrowth become finer and sparser after regular treatments.
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